Mid Semester Quiz

I did my exam last weekend, got the results this morning. 95/100, which sounds good until you know that it was an open book test – so I got 5 things wrong, EVEN WITH MY TEXTBOOK IN FRONT OF ME!!!!

I shall try to remain positive and good humoured, despite the large amounts of snot leaking from my face.

Count: 685
Average: 84.2
Median: 87.7
Maximum: 100.0
Minimum: 11.0
Standard Deviation: 13.22

5 thoughts on “Mid Semester Quiz”

  1. Woot! No still sounds good 🙂 Open book tests are hard because when the book is right there you doubt yourself and keep thinking “I’ll just look it up and make sure”


  2. Okay, you. An exam, even an open book exam, is a very stressful and pressured situation. When I sat exams I often found that my thoughts didn’t flow in a calm logical manner, they’d jump about as I tried to bear in mind bits of info I knew I needed to put down at some point.

    In the first year of my degree, I FAILED a very simple (not open book but we were allowed some specific reference info) exam. When I resat a substitute exam I got a 99 and my prof took me aside and said how stunned he was that I had failed first time as beforehand I was sitting on an HD. The point was, on the day of the original exam I just couldn’t get my thoughts in order and lay them out in the way I needed to. I still ended up with an overall HD for the subject, it was just a blip.

    Lots of academics think exams are a pile. They are not a good measure of a student’s overall understanding of a topic and ability to apply that understanding, they are a good measure of a student’s ability to regurgitate info. Even in an open book you have to find all the bits you are looking for and a paragraph you might find in a second outside an exam might take you a few minutes to find in a flustered exam state.

    My exam results had no bearing on how good a clinician I was when I did my pracs or started work.

    Cut yourself some slack, okay?


  3. You are so hard on yourself Lara! If you’d failed it with the book in front of you I can understand you chastising yourself. With everything you’ve been through lately and given that this was a new skill for you to learn, I think you should be patting yourself on the back, not smacking yourself on the bum! 🙂


    1. You’re right, of course M-H, but I really feel the pressure to do well so I can get into the post grad courses. Massively prematurely of course 😉


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