I posted a while ago about my marvellous bread discovery. But I keep forgetting the measurements, so I am posting the ratio detail so that I will always have the recipe on hand.

And for me, it’s more of a 6.5-2-4-13 rule. But your mileage may vary….

The “6-3-3-13” rule. To store enough for eight loaves, remember 6-3-3-13. It’s 6 cups water, 3 tablespoons salt, 3 tablespoons yeast, and then add 13 cups of flour. It’ll amaze your friends when you do this in their homes without a recipe!

One thought on “Bread”

  1. I’ve just discovered this too! I’ve always been a little afraid of yeast, but this is so easy and the bread turns out really well, except I don’t get the crunchy crust.


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