Tonight I did something radical

I cooked dinner!

Nothing posh, just pasta with artichokes and lemon, but it was a step up from pasta and red sauce, and it was the first think I have cooked (barring reheating food and 2 minute noodles) in about 4 months.

And today I spent some time explaining what is going to happen tomorrow to the Squish. If you are coming tomorrow, don’t be surprised if you hear him talking about the funeral as a “party”. Since he just had his birthday party, I decided to tell him that it was party to say goodbye to his brothers, and that we would talk about them, and have music, and stickers. I told him that some people would be sad, but that we wouldn’t be sad forever, and that we were very happy that we had him in our lives. And that we love him very much. And he said, “yes, yes you do”.

2 thoughts on “Tonight I did something radical”

  1. See you tomorrow Lara. You are so wise and Squishy is lucky to have you as his mum. All your babies are lucky to have you. xx Evie


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