Getting out!

Just saw Roshini, I am going to be discharged today! Mark had just arrived at work, so he is on his way back to help me make the big move home. Apparently I will need 10 days on oral antibiotics, and I have to come back for a 6 week post natal check, and then I can stay away from the hospital until late Jan, when I have to have another test. but more of that later, I am off to shower and pack!

Tonight, I get to sleep in my own bed, with my two beautiful guys.

13 thoughts on “Getting out!”

  1. Wonderful news. Hope you are feeling physically a lot better and the pain has really eased. I am sure you will be having lots of mixed feelings; I’m sending tons of love.
    Lara, I am so very sorry your darling Archimedes and Aubrey died. I’m so sorry you won’t be taking your sons home. Words can’t express what you have lost, or how sorry we are.


  2. I too was thinking about your special boys and feeling sad that although its a very happy day that you are returning home, its also terribly sad that that you arent bringing home your babies. Still, I must have been channelling Roshini this morning when I texted you, I had a feeling today would be the day! Yay!


  3. oh YAY – what wonderful news Lara. Im sure it will be easier to mend quickly at home.

    Sending much love and strength (not that you need any – you are AMAZING) for healing at home, and the farewelling of your beautiful boys Archie and Aubrey.
    Ange T


  4. Wonderful news that you are home with your two beautiful boys. My thoughts are with you and please know that so many people are channelling strength and kind thoughts to you. Never think twice about asking for help.


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