= number of failed attempts to put a cannula in me since yesterdays drip blocked while I had a shower this morning. In the 10 minutes I was disconnected it blocked and could not be flushed, and it tissued again.

Four attempts later, we are still trying to contact the infectious diseases team to see what they want to do about the picc line, etc. Basically, they need to decide if I can go on oral antibiotics, or whether I really need more IVs.

Update: my team have decided to start oral antibiotics, as the ID team wont be available to review my case till Monday. I have decided that this is brilliant news, and I have decided to stop crying for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Four”

  1. Tablets have got to suck less than being stabbed. If they are difficult to swallow, I share my trick (I was terrible at taking tablets as a kid). Try reading while taking them.

    Thinking of you.


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