We’re on the grid!

Almost a year ago, we were assessed for a green loan. Eventually, we got approval – about a week before the scheme was canceled. We just snuck in, and then signed up for solar panels. Month, and months later, the panels were installed. Now, about two weeks after the installation, today another electrician came to actually hook us up to the grid, so that the electricity we generate will start to offset what we are paying for it.

3 thoughts on “We’re on the grid!”

  1. Hurray! SUCH a good idea! We’ve got our solar thermal (hot water) but hope to do PV next year when we’ve saved up. Of course, not nearly so obvious a benefit here (latitude, treeshade) but still a positive thing!

    Well done you.


  2. Ha! We had our appointment in late Nov 09, and it has taken until LAST WEEK to get our report, despite numerous follow ups. And we did the assessment because we really wanted to get a green loan and improve our house, environmentally speaking. 😦


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