More bad news

Two days ago, during my weekly checkup, my doctor found only one heartbeat. One of my babies had died since my last checkup.

Again I was offered a termination. I asked if the risks for me were significantly increased, and since they are not, I declined.

Apparently I will either go into labour and deliver both babies, or the dead baby will re-absorb, and the pregnancy will continue. Who knows for how long, but I have to take the chance.

At least we dont need to buy a people mover now, right?

Although the natural thing to do would be to howl at the moon, get horribly drunk, and delve into hysteria, Ive chosen to keep it together for the time being, while I still have a live baby to gestate.

Just dont ask me how I am.

19 thoughts on “More bad news”

  1. *Hugs*

    Some years ago an acquaintance was pregnant with twins when one died (I dont remember the details but it was early, perhaps this early). She maintained the pregnancy for ages – one child was born alive but premature (hes probably now in primary school), the other was stillborn. So yes theres hope…


  2. Much love to you, Mark and Inigo. Would you like me to come over again? You have my number. I won’t impose, but you know if you’d like someone to come by (and bring food?) just let me know, ok?


  3. Ive personally been part of a care team for a woman who had this happen and birthed a live baby at 30 weeks by c-section. Perhaps contact the Womens and Childrens Hospital in Adelaide and speak to the maternal-fetal medicine midwife about it, if you want some more information.


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