Practical Stuff

Here is a link to some stories of women who have had premature rupture of membranes. Some of the stories end happily, some not.

I can’t thank everyone enough for the endless messages of support, love, and offers of help. It means so much to me that other people care, and I wish I was able to adequately thank everyone.

As far as practical help goes, at the moment we are fine, mum and dad have had Squishy for three days, he came home last night and has spent today with Bev & Ted. Tomorrow and Thursday mum and dad will take him, and Friday is his regular daycare day. Simone popped over on Sunday and cooked a pot of soup which has kept us both very well fed for the past few days, and I am catching up on some dvd watching, some novel reading, and tomorrow I might even try to tackle some knitting (though how that is going to work lying down I am not sure).

Timing is a funny thing though, next week, mum and dad are leaving for a long planned trip to Thailand for a Tai Chi retreat, so from next week most of the Squishy care will fall to Bev and Ted. So next week I’ll be calling in favours, both to take some of the pressure of them, and to help Squishy feel special while chaos reigns. He has been amazing, but it’s obvious that he knows something is going on, and it’s been really hard for him too.


According to my OB, there is no reason to hope that the amniotic sac/s will repair. And without a repair, the babies won’t have any room to grow. Normally, the amniotic fluid provides a comfy cushioned room for the babies to grow, without that cushioning, there is nowhere for them to grow, so the soft little bones just can’t grow properly. The other function of the fluid is to help little lungs to develop. Without the fluid, the lungs will develop into a solid mass of tissue, without the holes needed to make the lungs function. So while the placentas are still doing a wonderful job, without a repair there is no hope.

I was 15 weeks on Saturday. Perhaps, if they had a few more weeks, there might have been more hope. As it is, I have chosen to hope. My midwife says not to give up until there is nothing to hope for, so while putting myself on bedrest isn’t likely to achieve much, it’s the only thing I can do, so that is what I am doing.

If the babies die, apparently it could take weeks and weeks. And then I will labour and give birth to them.

Obviously, we are devastated, but as yet, we don’t have anything to mourn.

The universe provides

Dear universe,

The twin news wasn’t welcome. It was scary, and, frankly, you could have chosen someone more, well, motherly. I know lots of people that like children, and want more of them, and would be really, really awesome parents. But no, you picked me. So I’ll have to deal with it, and I will even try to be gracious about it.

Especially in light of todays news.

Mark has just accepted an new job, with a $13k pay rise. And an iPad.

Thank you.

He’s a great help in the kitchen

Mushroom Soup is a great thing to cook with Inigo, it doesn’t matter if the slicing isn’t perfect, and it keeps him occupied for ages – and he gets to say he cooked dinner!

Just in case you’re wondering, the knife is a serrated “steak” knife, not terribly sharp, and apart from trying to slice his hand open at the end of the clip, he really was very good with it!