Thoughts from Inigo, aged two and a half

Mama, where are those people going?

I think they are going to church.

Why are they going to church?

Well, some people believe in an omnipotent being that created the world and everything in it. So they go to church once a week to say thank you.

Hmmm. So after they say thank you to her, then they go home?

Yes, that’s about it.

5 thoughts on “Thoughts from Inigo, aged two and a half”

  1. I remember passing a church (corner of Norton St, if I recall) that had on its billboard, “What if we’re wrong?” A thought popped straight into my mind, “I’m sure She won’t mind.”


  2. I hope you don’t mind, Lara, but I’ve sent this post to a friend of mine as I think he’ll really enjoy it. He’s one of the least ‘churchy’ religious people I know, and wants to be a Uniting Church minister but may be a little too liberal for them. 🙂


  3. Oh my goodness. I stumbled across your blog at 3am around 2 years ago when I googled ‘ear infection’ (many nights balancing 1yo in left arm, with right arm busily searching net for any info re continued child’s illness). Child is now mostly (fingers, toes, arms and whatever else I can manage, crossed) over the ear infections that she suffered from for 18 months non-stop, but I still have your site bookmarked. Have just checked in and seen your news. I’m so very happy for you. Now Sophie (my now non-ear-infected 3yo daughter) and I have our fingers, toes, arms and whatever else we can manage, crossed for you and yours.


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