22 thoughts on “Yes”

  1. Double congratulations….. Of course you adjusted your expectations regarding “old” eggs but did you adjust them to accommodate “older women hyper-ovulate more often”. 😉
    Take care. xx


  2. wow – great news – I think……..

    instant family – and you only have to do it twice not three times….pregnancy that is


  3. ooh – fun times ahead!

    how are things looking for a VBAC now? Anyone who I heard about having twins (or more) in recent years had a C-section – are you now researching natural multiple births? after a caesar? Is there any data available for it?

    Got my fingers crossed for you all. Look forward to hearing about your journey and your choices (I am guessing that there will be quite a bit of pressure put on you from medical professionals about what you do now you have two little someones inside you – I will give you all the support in the world for the choices you make!)


  4. Congratulations!

    Wish wed had the twins second time round. Still, get all the sleep you can now.

    Do you know if identical or fraternal yet?


  5. Wow, what stunning news! Hmmm, I think the chances that you will need some gorgeous girly things are definitely increasing!


  6. Congrats to both you and Mark. So pleased you and babes are OK. Sorry for the delay in responding to your news.


  7. My first reaction to the news was “Oh my god, what a disaster”.

    Now, after I’ve had time to carefully consider and weigh up all the implications, I have to say,” Oh my god, what a disaster”.

    This is not what either of you signed up for.

    Er…I think i’m also supposed to say congratulations…


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