The Business of Being Born

I heard about this doco ages ago, but never got a chance to see it. Rikki Lake, traumatised b her first hospital birth, went on a journey to discover more about birth options, and after the homebirth of her second child, set out to make this film. It explains a lot of the issues with medicalised birth, and looks at alternatives.

I have just found it online, and it is worth 80 minutes of your time if you have an interest in these issues.

4 thoughts on “The Business of Being Born”

  1. Well, I watched it – enjoyed all those lovely births!

    We have the most delightful midwives on my present patch, totally pro-home births (and they even manage to get a few despite it being a pretty deprived area, which usually seems to make this less likely here in the UK). They see women all the way through, and are also part of the hospital delivery team, which is midwife led. How is it in NSW? Does it depend on your cover?

    BTW – it just got worse in New York


  2. I’d like to watch this. If only I could find 80 spare minutes! Maybe I can watch it in four minute segments over the next couple of years.


  3. it was great – loved the aspect that the labour with complications was also shown. And that other women drop the F bomb in labour (at least I didnt have to suffer contractions inside a cab)

    Much more realistic than the lamaze drug-free birth propaganda video we were shown in ante-natal classes. Labour and birth bloody hurts – no need to sugar coat it!


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