It’s probably a virus

It’s definitely not a stroke. And probably not a brain tumour. It could be a migraine, but I’ve never had one before. Which leaves the generic “virus, it will probably last for about a week”.

Which we’ve all heard before, but when you’ve just spent 24 hours in so much pain that you think you could puke, there are moments when tears spontaneously spring from your eyes, and merely bending over to look a 2 year old in the eye brings an explosion of pain like a super nova, and two panadeine fortes don’t even take the sharp edge off the pain…

This could be a very long week.

2 thoughts on “It’s probably a virus”

  1. Oh, that sounds like a migraine. Definitely. I take a drug that has a calmative in it, which relaxes you while the pain killing part works.I sleep. There is a sleepy and a non sleepy version. (mersyndol) Feel free to delete product name!!


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