A few thoughts

  • Vanilla vodka makes a surprisingly good Gimlet (though my favoured version has equal parts vodka and lime juice – half cordial and half fresh
  • Cooking with a child that hasn’t had a nap is quite like going to a teppanyaki restaurant. But much less fun
  • When said child that says “I’m not going to sleep”, and I reply with “yes you are, you’re so tired that you’re almost dead”, and he picks up the chant “almost dead, almost dead”, it’s not exactly funny, it’s hysterical
  • Parents and children have different needs, sometimes they intersect, sometimes they collide
  • The bunny is now unofficially named Carrot. Inigo insists that his name is neither Vizzini or Tiberius, but it is most definitely Carrot. I have been told, but I am a recalcitrant type
  • I am loving TransUrban beyond words. Yes, I know it’s unusual to profess undying love for a company that builds toll roads, but if it means that my husband is home BEFORE 5pm to deal with the feral offspring, then build me another M5
  • According to Head Office, I have completed my last unit, and have now applied for a volunteer position with the Australian Breastfeeding Association. I now have a Certificate IV, I did it in under 12 months, and I have proved to myself that I have a small ability at this study thing. Now I just need to apply myself a bit more and do other interesting things. What next? Is there a diploma in World Domination?

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