Happy Birthday Alex

I made a rainbow cake. The cake is itself was a bit of a fail, due to my extreme tiredness, I put the oven on the wrong temperature, and the cake ended up strangely dense, even for a mud cake. But I think I did OK with the icing, and the Alex letters that were made out of biscuits iced with royal icing.

Alex was very excited by his Diego t-shirt, and Buzz Lightyear watch and walkie talkie set.

Inigo was excited by the cake, and ate three slices. Then not much lunch.

Gonad coached the boys in how to pull silly faces. It’s important to learn these skills from a master.

Alex wasn’t impressed with the cake, but the biscuits were a hit.

And the neighbours were strangely quiet in the rain.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Alex”

  1. You are too modest – the cake was just awesome and I should know I’m about to have another bit….. and then maybe another ….


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