When someone invents a waterproof cover so I can read in the bath, I might sell my firstborn to finance one. And so I get some time to read in the bath.

But then again…

When Iggy does something dangerous, I get down to his level, look him in the eye, and ask him, “what’s the most important thing in the world?”. Usually, he answers, “Iggy’s the most important thing in the world”, and I say “that’s right, and I need you to be safe”.

Today, unbidden, he said, “Mama’s the most important thing in the world”.

I will keep him. Definitely.

3 thoughts on “iPad”

  1. Yeah I was thrilled with the iPad announcement but the kiddywinks make me happier than any super tech must have gadget. Mind you I had a really clear visual at the mention of offloading offspring to have time to read…After reading 4 books in 4 days during hols, I have only moved through 3 further chapters.


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