The cake is in the oven

The Rainbow Cake. I got off the plane last night at 9pm, came home and passed out. Then this morning we went to Lara’s Graden for the first working bee. Inigo was a bit out of sorts, so we didn’t make it to the CAAH rally for relationship equality. We came home and Inigo was ratty for a few hours, then started projectile vomiting for nearly an hour, not keeping anything down.

An hour later, he had a breastfeed, and is now sleeping peacefully. Maybe he’ll be ok for his little party tomorrow, maybe not.

But the cake will be gorgeous 🙂

3 thoughts on “The cake is in the oven”

  1. Happy birthday, Inigo! Welcome to the Terrific Twos!

    That rainbow cake has been on my list for ages now but I never seem to get around to trying it out – let us know how it goes.


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