The guts man

Yesterday Bev & Ted took Inigo while I went to see the gastroenterologist (henceforth to be referred to as The Guts Man, or Dr Guts, because gastroenterologist makes me tired, and guts is a marvellous word).

Apparently, apart from;
a) Giving 2 litres of blood in a year
b) intestinal parasites
c) coeliac disease
e) bowel polyps or cancer
f) gastric ulcers

it could be esophageal cancer.

So I am going in for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy on the 1st of December. I’ll get the results on the 5th of December.

And now for a lie down.

4 thoughts on “The guts man”

    1. I’m voting for intestinal parasites. Or an ulcer could be ok too…

      I don’t think it’s the vegetarian thing, because I’ve never had low iron before, and breastfeeding actually doesn’t take much iron (one of the reasons why baby foods are fortified with iron, at about 6 months, the baby starts to need more iron than is in breastmilk).


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