There is some good news

I crashed the car. Our new car, that we love beyond the fact that it gets us from A-B, that has air conditioning, and is much safer for the Squish than our old car. Bernard (our car) isn’t too badly off, but the parked car that I attacked will need surgery 😦 And the worst part? It belongs to Bev & Ted’s lovely neighbours, who are in the midst of a huge house renovation, and have had to move out while their house is taken apart and put back together. Who knows how much it will cost, but I am guessing around $1000, because that is what everything seems to cost….

So, the good news. The expensive GP has found me another gastroenterologist that can see me this week! So on Thursday I am off to speak to the guts man, and arrange for a nasty procedure. That will probably cost $1000. And the rest.

One small bit of further good news. EGP is reducing my asthma meds in the hope that my symptoms can be controlled with less drugs, namely, less steroids. Inhaled steroids apparently aren’t supposed to make you fat, but I don’t think it’s a massive coincidence that I started to get fat just after my asthma got worse and I was put on long term steroid medication. I’ll probably still be fat, but if I can be a little less fat and keep breathing, that would be good. I have bills to pay.

8 thoughts on “There is some good news”

  1. Lara are they biopsying or endoscoping? If it’s the latter it may be worth bringing up the former given the coeliacs discussion- you don’t want to have to do it twice!!

    Huge *hugs* about the car. It sounds like a craptacular week.


    1. Just going in for a chat on Thurs, and I’ve had the Coeliac blood test today. I suppose the biopsy will depend on the results of that. Thanks πŸ™‚

      If you’re free on Friday arvo, I think we might be having a kiddie pool in the front yard day. Love to see you. Or come to our ABA meeting if you’re really keen!


  2. Bummer about the car. gah.
    I’m glad you can see the specialist sooner rather than later. Must be nice to have EGP listening.

    how can we give you some TLC? shall we send the lads to the zoo? or would you like to come over for dinner


  3. Hey Lara, what meds are you on for asthma? I’m on Symbicort now and am able to keep my weight under control along with a regimen of frequent tramping and walking. I seemed to have trouble when I was on the Advair but figured it was just due to a stressful time at work. I switched meds, quit my job and shed the excess weight.
    Sorry to hear about your crash. At least no one was hurt.


    1. Thanks Grace πŸ™‚

      I’m on Symbicort too – but a massive dose. I’m cutting down to half, and then in another three months I might be able to halve it again. If I can still breathe πŸ™‚


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