A day in the mountains

Aunty Kerry just bought a weekender in Katoomba, so a few weekends ago we all trooped up to check it out.  Inigo and Ella looked so cute playing in the garden together, I just had to take a few pics.  Apologies for the image size, Flickr has messed with their image hosting (because they don’t want ppl embedding pics), so these will have to do until I get a better solution.

Ella amongst the flowers

It’s a look!

A cuddle

And a kiss

Makes Inigo a happy boy

Rolling down grassy hills lesson 101

Ably assisted by daddy

And a fabulous day was had by all.  I am only sorry I didn’t have a video camera to capture the squeals of delight when Ella and Inigo first started to play together!

3 thoughts on “A day in the mountains”

  1. Quite easy to find. Take Leura turn off, down the the bottom of The Mall turn right towards Katoomba and look for the pile of Land Rovers near the top of the hill.


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