Vale Daisy

The vet came over this afternoon, and Daisy passed peacefully, on my lap, with a belly full of his favourite food, bonito flakes.

We buried him under a lemon tree, perfect for my gorgeous sour puss.

Thank you for all your kind comments.

6 thoughts on “Vale Daisy”

  1. I am sad to read your news, but I do think it is the kindest and best thing we can do for our animal companions when they are too old. Under the lemon tree sounds the perfect spot.


  2. Darling, I am so sorry. Blessings of many angels to sweet Daisy, the great and noble character. He was such a crazy old sausage by the time we met, but a fiesty and lovely presence in your home, and a happy friend for both our boys.
    I will remember him loving the sunshine every day on the warm concrete out the back, where he was both safe and happy. I was glad to give him love, food and water whenever I was floating by.
    We will never forget him.
    Kisses, hugs, waves and purrs from us all,
    J, O and the furry gang xox


  3. Lovely – he will be very happy there . Our eldest much loved cat is buried under the holly tree – she loved that spot in sun.


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