Daisy the Wonder Cat

Daisy is in kidney failure, caused by lymphoma. The vet is coming over tomorrow so that we can say our final goodbye in a safe and comfortable place.

Daisy turned 15 in August, and has been with me since he was 8 weeks old. There is no easy way to say goodbye to such a wonderful friend. I had been hoping that he would make it until just before we went away, but it is not to be. The house will seem lonely without his constant snarls, piles of vomit, and the occasional poo in odd places just to keep us in line.

6 thoughts on “Daisy the Wonder Cat”

  1. Poor Daisy, I’m sorry.

    I’m glad you found a vet that does housecalls. it would make such a difference to know that his last moments would be in a familiar place.


  2. I am SO sorry – been there, done that 3 times (an 18year old, a 16 years old and a 15 year old) and it just doesn’t get any easier.

    Please give Daisy a big hug and a kiss from me.


  3. So sorry ’bout this sweet Lara, I know you’ll miss her – but also, that you’ll know there’s never been a better-loved, cared-for and prioritised cat in all the world!

    So you’ve both been lucky.


  4. I’m sorry. Saying goodbye to such a long time friend is never easy. We’re planning to take the kids to the park tomorrow to ride their bikes, if you want to get out of the house (our kids call it the Squishy Park – how could you resist a park named after your own Squishy?)


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