National Breastfeeding Strategy

The government has commissioned a research company to do research on a national breastfeeding strategy. Now is your chance to have your say.  The survey closes on the 14th, so you don’t have much time!

If you can’t be bothered reading the link – email the answers to the following questions to

  • Do you think that support and the promotion of breastfeeding should be provided consistently to all mothers and women across Australia?
  • In your experience, did promotion of breastfeeding while you (or your partner) was pregnant encourage starting and/or continuing breastfeeding? What things seemed to help the most? Why?
  • Do you think that there is enough breastfeeding support provided to new mothers?
  • Have you or your partner ever sought or been referred to a breastfeeding support service or lactation consultant? What sort of service? Did it make a difference in you/your partner’s ability to continue breastfeeding?
  • How do you think breastfeeding promotion and / or support could be better provided?
  • Do you think that information such as the rates of breastfeeding (number of babies breastfed as a percentage of the total population of babies of particular ages) and other similar information should be collected on a national level?

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