So many of my favourite things in one video

A strange skinny guy in a wacky orange lycra, a tardis like boom box, Elijah Wood (the thinking womans hobbit) making a tit of himself for the amusement of random children, my favourite internet sensation (Dragostea Din Tei – also known as Numa Numa), peculiar dolls come to life, and orange fake fur.

Just the thing for cheering me up when the world looks impossibly bleak.

6 thoughts on “So many of my favourite things in one video”

  1. that was too funny ! Im showing Alex tomorrow when we spend another day on the couch – he will love it ! Thanks Lara – we needed a good laugh/singalong !


  2. In case you are ever wondering, the high number of hits you get on this post are probably all Oscar, calling for some Gabba Gabba.


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