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So. iPhone.

I am so close to having a 3 GS, my head is spinning (and it gives me something to think about that isn’t scary).

So, I need some information. You guys that have iPhones, yes, all of you – can you tell me how much data you use a month, and wheter you use push or pull email, what sort of email volume you have, and how much internets you use?

Having never had a mobile internets device, I am unsure how much I will need, and I am hesitant to go on a plan that has more than I need.

I have an appointment at the Apple Store on Friday, so I hope to get some info before then.


P.S. Nasty test is tomorrow. Please send happy vibes for us around 1pm, and for Fe about half an hour later.

4 thoughts on “Ask Meta Disco”

  1. Um – I just have the standard UK O2 package for the iPhone 3G (not S). So all my internet is included, not limited, and email too – I just end up paying extra for calls to the wrong sort of number (don’t get excited – boring mortgage companies or councils re rates, mainly!)

    So no help, really. And I think it’s automatically ‘push’ email (well, the kind that comes through automatically all the time).

    But I do love my iphone!

    Will think +ve thoughts tomorrow (tonight) and have pos dreams for you. (Thinking you’re likely to be there while I sleep!) Glad Fe can go too.


  2. I guess it all depends on what you’ll use it for. I use it when I am out to look things up and get apps sometimes but at home I connect to our wireless so I end up hardly using any, like maybe 6mb out of 512. A bit ridiculous really. If you’re going to be at home a lot using your home internet then don’t get much!


  3. Oooh I want to know the answers to the iPhone questions too! I’ve got an appointment at the Apple store in Chatswood on Friday. I only hope that they some left by the time I get there.

    You know I’ll be thinking about you today. Hope that it all goes well and your little man does not have to suffer.




  4. lets just say that it took me nearly a YEAR to use up my monthly data allowance, so i am no help.nnmaybe i should start watching youtube on my iphone…


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