Happy Birthday to me!*

The last four days have brought a huge bruise, a suspected broken finger, driving about 670km, a visit to the radio telescope, an old cemetery, lots of twitching, story time at the Parkes library, and an emergency dash to a regional hospital.

So, I fell over. I wasn’t even drunk. I have a massive bruise, and after four days, I can use my left hand again without much pain.

Then we drove to Parkes. Mum is working there for a few months, and since I’ve never been there, Dad and Inigo and I piled into the car on Tuesday morning, and after an uneventful drive, we landed.

Inigo wasn’t thrilled about getting back in the car

Outside Orange.

To get to Parkes, drive over the mountains, and turn left at Bathurst.

Once there, we had a lovely time, visiting Mum, taking lots of pictures (more posts to come), and relaxing. Until Thursday morning. Dad was going to take Inigo to story time at the library while I had a shower and started to pack. At the last minute, I decided to go with them.

Inigo and Dad at breakfast

Inigo was a bit cranky, but not acting strangely at all when we left for the library at 9am. But by 9.45am, he was listless, extremely clingy, shaky, and his forehead was on fire. I knew the way to the hospital, so we bundled him in to the car, and went straight there. By the time we saw a nurse, his temperature was 40.4 degrees, and he was getting less responsive. I was holding him, waiting for triage nurse to come and talk to us, worried that he was going to pass out, or worse.

To cut a long story short, he was given panadol and his temp started to come down. The officious Doctor (who heard me say that he had a cough, and then muttered under his breath as he wrote “no cough”), diagnosed an ear infection, asked for a urine test, and sent us home.

We decided to risk the drive home – mainly because if Inigo got worse, I wanted to be nearer a hospital I have confidence in.

Country health services really are as under resourced as you’ve heard.

Today, he’s a little pale, and a shade quieter than normal – but you’d never know he was so sick just yesterday!

*It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ll be at an ABA conference all weekend, so I am postponing my birthday till next weekend.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me!*”

  1. Oh I’m so glad that he’s better! Fingers’ crossed he stays that way.

    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday to You!
    Happy Birthday darling Lara…
    Happy Birthday to You!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day AT the ABA…. and manage to stretch it out until next weekend too.



  2. Happy birthday! Have fun at the ABA conf.

    It’s amazing how they can spike a temp and then seem to bounce back so quickly, isn’t it? It is so frightening when they are that little. Must have been awful.


  3. Happy birthday – since you’re postponing, do I consider myself late or early?

    Hope Inigo’s feeling better. Those freaky high temps are worrisome, aren’t they?


  4. I’m definitely late – but wishing you happy late festivities, anyway!

    (Not sure I approve of Inigo’s idea of a birthday present, though!)


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