War on the streets

For a while now, there has been an escalating war between bikie gangs in Sydney. Last Sunday, while we were at the farm, it got really nasty, with a man bashed to death in front of the general public at Sydney airport.

Since then, there has been drive by shootings in Auburn, another shooting in Punchbowl, and a war of words between the various gangs, and the terrified politicians. It’s all been revolting, but rather remote (a drive by shooting in auburn is close to home, but not enough to scare me).

Then I heard the news this afternoon that a home made bomb had been found in Lisgar Street, Merrylands. I rang Mark to let him know, Lisgar street is really close to our house. Mark did some poking around, and foud that the Lisgar street house has a garage that opens onto Augustus Street (formerly Wright Street), and that the package was found on the street outside the garage.

One of the websites we saw showed a picture of the exterior of the garage, and I recognised it. You can see it from our front door.

So while I have never seen a bikie in my area, apparently they are here.

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