aeolian from the spring (autumn) knitty

Is yummy!

I think this will be my next project – in the gorgeous hand dyed alpaca that Jussi gave me, and I’ve been saving for something special?

Or something a bit more robust and cheap, in large hanks, so I don’t have to join balls together. Bendigo alpaca? Cotton? Maybe I can try painting it after being inspired by the article in the new Twist Collective…

6 thoughts on “aeolian from the spring (autumn) knitty”

  1. Awesome pattern – hope you don’t mind if I give it a go in that left over purple painted wool left over from the round blanket


    1. I was thinking that the largest size would be best for me – I already have a little swallowtail, that is just too smal to be useful at all. I am still going on the Forest Canopy, just started the 4th ball. and I am thinking I might have to buy more yarn! I think that in my mind, big = comfy and warm, small = irritating and pointless. In knitwear of course!


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