Squish a Litterbug


When I see someone throw rubbish out of a car window, I get very cross.

If it’s a cigarette butt, I get extremely cross.

If it’s anywhere near the bush, on a hot day, I go thermonuclear. It’s really not very pretty, and I have had to be talked down from following these people home and putting prawn heads in their curtain rails.

But now I have a better solution.

Call the Environmental Protection Authority!

131 555 (pollution reporting, environment information and publication requests) for the cost of a local call within New South Wales (mobiles excluded) or (02) 9995 5555.

They sent the offender a warning, and if a second incident is reported, they will be fined. Of course, I’d prefer there was some form of physical torture involved, but a fine is a perfectly acceptable starting point.

2 thoughts on “Squish a Litterbug”

  1. Oooh… thank you for this! I can’t tell you how much I hate it when I see ANYONE littering.

    A couple of years ago, a man dropped his ciggie on the ground and left it there… just outside our school gates…. in front of my boys. Rather than rushing out and buying prawns and following him home (tempting)… I said..

    “I know there are no bins within sight here, but would you mind keeping your cigarette butt until you find a bin?”

    He said : “&*^% off you stupid old cow… Get a life.. etc etc etc”

    I said “I know I sound like an interfering hag, but there are kids here and you are really setting a bad example. Besides, see that drain there? That goes straight to Sydney Harbour”

    He said : “&*^& off you stupid old cow etc etc etc”

    Boo said… “Mum… those leaves are on fire!”.

    I kid you not. The jerk’s cigarette had started a mini-fire.

    Lesson learned for my kids. For ever.

    Their generation would rather run naked through their classroom than litter. I love that about them.


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