This made me retch. And not in a good way.

Go read it – but make sure your sound is turned off.

I’ll leave it to those more eloquent than me to count the ways this attitude makes me want to pluck out my eyeballs and curse.

4 thoughts on “Puke”

  1. hmmm, you better tell me why you hate it so much, because i’m feeling pretty plucked these days myself. The religious sentiment is gagging, and who gives a flying… pluck for muffins (essential tool for raising the young?), but after spending 2:30am to 4:30am helping a heavy toddler to sleep I think I can relate to a bit of sacrifice schmaltz.

    what does plucked rhyme with?


  2. Oh, I’ll wade in.

    I know buggerall about duck psychology, but what I know of parrots is this: any parrot that is plucking is deeply messed up. Grooming fine, removing chunks of feathers? Scary-bad. My parrot prepares nests by shredding veggie matter and paper.

    So, to me, this article is saying “To be a good mother, you need to self-sacrifice beyond the point of mental health, to the point of self harm.”

    Furthermore, the whole “animals do so and so, so we should too” argument is bunk. I am not going to take life tips from ducks. I could take parenting tips from seahorses, but I guess I’m taking the wrong message there.

    If I’m going to take life tips from ducks, I’m going to eat a lot of bread and splash happily in a lake, rather than tearing myself to bits.


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