Congratulations George and Brad

George Takei and his partner of 21 years have married over the weekend. George has been an active campaigner for marriage equality, so this news is especially joyful.

From George’s personal blog – here is a post written when the laws in California were changed.

Marriage is love, and George and Brad have lived for 21 years as beautiful examples of the best that marriage can offer – now they are finally able to enjoy the rights as well as the responsibilities that come with legal marriage.

Congratulations, I wish you many more years of happiness ahead.

Vegetarian Indian Cooking Class


Simone and I went to the Muhglai Feast class today, and had a wonderful time.

Highly recommended – even if you’re not vegetarian.

We made Dahl Makhani, Palak Paneer, Malai Kofta, a spiced rice dish, a mint and yoghurt side dish, an onion side dish, naan, and a fabulous dessert.


And then I came home and made congee for dinner for the first time.  I made it with dried shitake mushrooms, frozen peas and some vegetarian chinese sausage I had in the freezer, ginger, vegetarian chicken stock and broken rice.  I can see how I can improve it next time, but all in all it was quite yummy, and a pretty good lazy Sunday dinner.