Melon Scarf

Img 2244

I finally finished the Melon Scarf (from “Victorian Lace Today”), the night of Kerry’s going away party (August 2nd, 2008).  I think this project took a year from start to finish, and was even lost for a few months.  I had intended it to be given to Kerry for her birthday in December 2007, and then for her last speech, but it was finally ready a couple of days before she went to Timor.

Img 2251

I’m really happy with the final result, but the border really kicked my butt.  The scarf itself was a pleasure to knit, but this was my first attempt at a knitted on border, and I really wasn’t prepared for it to take longer to knit than the body!

Img 2246

The yarn is OnLine – a Croatian Tree Wool (cotton) and Viscose blend.  It has a gorgeous lustre, a fabulous drape, and the colour is rich and splendid, but it was splitty, slippery, and a bitch to join one ball to the next.  The whole thing will probably degrade into a pile of knots the first time it is washed or comes across a harsh breeze, but I have come to terms with that and am glad to have the thing out of my life.

The invisible omnipotent being only knows how many balls of yarn I used on the project, what needles, and all that other juicy knitting blog content that you get on real knitting blogs.  All I know now is that it is done…

…and I rock!

Note: I apologise for the dodgy background. Photographs were taken in the bathroom, due to it having the best lighting in the house at 8pm, as we were due at the party at 7pm.  The scarf was not blocked, and probably still smells of stale beer from a pub knitting accident.

Note Also that the model for this shot is the ubiquitous bathroom bottle of Passion Pop.  But that is another story.


As a celebrant, I have an obligation to do ongoing professional development every year, and today is the day. I arrived at the venue early, after dropping the boy at Bev & Ted’s (they were there, I didn’t leave him in an empty house!), and tried to find a park.

I thought I would find a park behind Glebe library, and went up a narrow laneway towards it, only to find that the entrance was at the other end of the carpark. Reversing, I encountered an unexpected telephone pole.

The car bumper is scratched (but it was already scratched), and I have whiplash. But at least Inigo wasn’t in the car!

Wrapped with Love

A few weeks ago, I dragged the boy out in the cold so that we could knit for charity at the ABC studios in Ultimo.

Here‘s a link to the ABC site with pictures.  And there is a pic of Inigo and I here.  Which I found out about today, Lyndal from R+L told me!

Img 2165

Inigo inspects the specifications before embarking on the project.

Img 2167

Bex and Miss Fe workshop the finer details

Img 2169

Excitement reaches fever pitch

Img 2172

Cecilia is voted “Girl Most Likely”

Img 2179

It was early – it really was that blurry!

Img 2181

And then Miss Fe took us down to the dungeon where she works

Img 2189

Bex meets Big Ted

Img 2193 2

Cecilia meets Little Ted

Img 2191

Emily is concerned that Aussie Humpty is a poor copy of the English original

Img 2199

Big Ted thrills yet another generation (I think he was around when I was a little tacker!)

Img 2206

Inigo tells Henny Penny about her cousins in the wilds of Granville

A Poultry Place

Here is a link to an ABC clip about Bede Carmody, who runs a sanctuary for poultry. It was Bede that took our three roosters after we were left with them by animal liberation a few years ago.

You can read more about Bede’s work here and here.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to make online donations, but there is a mailing address at the bottom of the last link.

Not for the weak of stomach

Now, I used to be a goth. And I appreciate the black nail polish and corsetry better than most people. I even owned some black lipstick in my time. So I am hardly one to start chucking rocks at transparent houses. Or something.

But this. This is wrong.

In case you’re wondering who the flat chested tramp with the semi naked muscle is – that would be Paris Hilton.