Nine Months

Img 2914

You smile, you giggle like I’m the funniest thing on the planet, you eat like a body builder, and you can shout the house down.  The levitation is a new thing.  I’m hoping we can patent that and pay all your medical bills.

You’ve got a bigger head than is properly decent for a kid your age, and eyes to match.  And the eyes still don’t match.

You can say mama and dada, but either will do.  You can crawl, or rather slide, quite effectively, but you only go backwards.  Reverse motion is only arrested by furniture, often a chair between your legs.

You love toys, noisy, garish, mirrored, furry, smooth, plastic and wood.  Usually the tag is the first thing you will go for, but anything will do, and it is always given a taste test before any play will commence.

Bathtime brings lots of joy for all of us.

Img 1949

We have little conversations, you make an exclamation (or a pronouncement), and I try to repeat what you say.  Often I fail to reproduce (you have an extraordinary range), but you have the good manners to continue talking to me even though I don’t make sense.

You are always watching, always paying attention to what is going on around you.  Although you love to sleep, you don’t like going to sleep because you know you’ll be missing out on something while you’re out. 

You love people, you love hearing stories, and you love being on stage.  I think your favourite thing (after food) is playing peek-a-boo with an audience of adoring fans.  The more the merrier.

You adore your dad, and your grandparents.  There’s nothing better than hanging out with people who don’t believe in over stimulation!

And I think we’re starting to get an insight into your personality.  You adore Cocky, Daisy fascinates you, and you can’t wait to make friends with Custard.  You stop and look when you hear a bird, and I believe you are becoming quite the animal lover. 

You are gentle with other kids, never snatch or poke, and when others do it to you, you bear it stoically. 

For weeks, you’ve been putting your hands in my hands so that I can pull you up to sit, then to stand, then I usually throw you up in the air.  You love it, and it’s great exercise for the triceps.  Yesterday, you grabbed my hands, but didn’t wait to be pulled up – you used my hands to pull yourself up.

And today, while visiting Fiona, you saw a picture on her wall of our wedding.  Your face lit up, and the word “Dada” came out of your mouth.

Img 2893

I love hanging out with you Inigo, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

4 thoughts on “Nine Months”

  1. Awwww….. What a great post. He is just beautiful. And nearly naked on my carpet! What more could I ask for? (PS I’ll put a pic of him up on my wall next to the wedding photo …. see if he recognises himself next time!)


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