Sleeping through

I got a little lie in this morning. Eventually, I thought I’d better get up and start the day – feed the baby, etc. He usually wakes up between 6.30am and 7.30am. Once he slept through until 9am and worried his mother quite a bit.

As I got up, I checked the clock, and thought it must have been out of battery. It said 9:55am.

I went to the bathroom and checked the clock in there. 9.55am.

I freaked! I was actually scared to open the door to Inigo’s room. I eventually summoned my nerve, and opened the door.

Which woke him up.

The kid slept from early evening until ten o’clock in the morning!

3 thoughts on “Sleeping through”

  1. I doubt he slept right through. He probably woke up when I got up, then played quietly with his toys for a while and went back to sleep. Strange that he didn’t demand breakfast though.


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