Now that things with the child are somewhat more “normal”, you’d think I would have a bit more me time. But he has started solids, I seem to be spending a huge amount of time preparing food for the gaping hole that is his stomach. I would call it a black hole, except that output still equals input…

Stuff like this –

Img 2055

goes in, and I won’t talk about what comes out.

Frozen steamed pear, kiwi fruit and rockmelon. It looked so pretty, I just had to take a picture.

He’s been showing great enthusiasm for new foods.

Img 2261
This was an empty box – he’s not allowed fruit juice yet!

Last night he had cauliflower for the first time, and ate quite a bit of it, as well as brown lentils mixed with pumpkin, and zucchini and broccoli. So far, he’ll eat anything I give him, and he shows more enthusiasm for new things after he has had them a few times. Unless they are sweet, in which case he will eat until he explodes. The new nickname is Mr Creosote.

And yesterday, we found a tooth!

Img 2058

4 thoughts on “Food!”

  1. What a gorgeous boy! Eating such colour coordinated food can only add extra vitamins to his diet. Am looking forward to the solids stage, but not the output.


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