Lol Cats Meets Quantum Physics

The baby is now hovering just over 6kg. No gain this week, maybe a slight loss.

The wonder Doc isn’t worried, she puts it down to being sick for the last week. She wants us to keep up the same routine (feed 6 times a day, express after as many feeds as I can, and give a bottle after every feed). We’ll weigh him again next week, and see the doc again in a fortnight. We had the ultrasound today, and we won’t hear back about that unless there is something that needs further investigation.

Apparently it’s to be expected that he will have this cold for a while, and that his appetite will be a bit low while he is sick. It might also make him lose weight – but his progress so far is very encouraging, he doesn’t have a long way to go to get back within the “normal” percentile bands. But Dr McVeagh wants his weight to be in line with his length, which is around the 50th percentile. So I hope his appetite improves quickly!

And me? Barely hanging in there. I think that I am going to have to let some things slide. My head hurts, I’m still exhausted, and the house is a shambles. And I’m not really ok with that, but I’ll have to be.

Huge thanks to Dad and Bev for all the help this week 🙂

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