Still stuck in parent boot camp

The nurses suggested that I “might benefit” from a few extra days, so no internets until sunday. Just popped home for half an hour this morning to pick up some stuff on the way to our picnic/catchup with the student midwives from Hornsby.

Inigo is doing really well with sleeping, and we seem to have his reflux under control (hooray!), but still no progress with the boobs…

P.S. Just having my first homemade “proper” coffee in 5 days, and feeling very much in love with my husband (who made it for me).

3 thoughts on “Still stuck in parent boot camp”

  1. I’m no expert, merely an unbiased observer. That said, I’m sure breastfeeding is wonderful and the health benefits are numerous but, if you (plural) just can’t manage it, getting him fed may be the priority. Getting his tummy filled with a mixture of expressed and formula milk may be preferable to sending both of you out of your respective trees with stress through persevering with something that just isn’t gonna work.

    You have conceived, grown and birthed a new life. His mouth’s incompatibility with your nipple does not make you a failure as a woman.


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