Not quite a perfect day…

First, Bronwyn Bishop hands down a report recommending that children of drug addicted parents should be adopted out.

No counselling, harm minimisation, or even foster care. No. ADOPTION.


And of course, this doesn’t cover alcoholics, because even though many more children are affected by alcohol, alcohol is LEGAL.

And that is pretty bad, because our current government is likely to follow the recommendations of the report. IF we re-elect the bastards, and don’t take control of the senate away from them.

But even worse.

Morris Iemma wants to kick you out of public housing if you break the law.

Great – imagine you don’t open your mail, don’t pay a parking fine, have your licence suspended, and get caught driving without a licence. Not only do you have to go to court, YOU LOSE YOUR HOME.

And let’s face it – a lot of people in public housing aren’t there because they like the luxury – more likely they aren’t living a life of luxury, privilege, and high end coping skills.

Chances are, if you don’t cope well with life, you might end up needing public housing. You might even try an illicit substance. And if you’ve got kids, you’ll be out of a house and out of a family – all because you’re the sort of person that Bronwyn Bishop doesn’t want to sit next to on the bus.

I suppose I should be glad I am breeding, so there is one more sane person to fight the good fight.

2 thoughts on “Not quite a perfect day…”

  1. And, if the parent kicks the habit, the child is adopted and cannot go back to the parents.

    So, some parent is an addict, loses their children. No matter what, the child isn’t coming home. I imagine that that is not an incentive for the parent to get sober and stay sober.

    (Wonder if the adoptive parents are allowed to have a beer with dinner?)


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