For a while, I was craving fish and chips. Not just any fish, but deep fried shark. The cravings were so bad I could barely concentrate on a book, or driving the car. So for a few weeks, I had fish & chips once a week. The first time, it made me gag, but the craving went away. I’m over it now, and very glad to be – the fish made my skin smell in a really nasty way. I’m sure meat eaters wouldn’t notice it, but Mark did.

But now it’s all about cheese, and eggs. Apparently at the moment, I’m growing teeth and bones, so I need a lot of calcium. When we babysat Alex last, I ate almost an entire block of cheese that Sarah had in the fridge, and wasn’t sick the next day (usually lactose makes me snotty and vile the next day). So since then we’ve been going through about a kilo of (animal rennet free) cheese in a week.

I’ve also been eating more eggs than the girls can lay (about 3 every 2 days), so I’ve been buying Eco Eggs, on the assumption that since they are the most expensive, so hopefully I am paying for a better quality of life for the hens. Trouble is, without actually inspecting the living conditions, it’s bloody hard to know what you are buying, and what living conditions you are supporting with your grocery money.

Examination of the site tells me that each hen gets 0.1 m2 of space to sleep. Doesn’t sound like much to me, especially since these chooks are much larger than our girls.

I won’t go into the horrors of the dairy industry, it is my intention that one day I will stop eating all dairy, but in the meantime, I am living a bit of a double standard.

2 thoughts on “Food”

  1. I’m trying to get my parents to get some chickens!! We’ve been buying the organic free range eggs. My rule is not to buy from a company who also produces caged eggs. I mean, what are they running, a caste system for chickens?


  2. We have our own chooks but they don’t produce many eggs. A normal chook doesn’t lay every day. In fact our girls only lay three times a year.
    I feel sick every time I go to the egg section and see people picking up caged eggs. I need to get some stickers from PETA or a similar organization and start sticking them on the egg cartons.


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