I should have stayed in bed

I promised a mate I’d go in to his shop and help out today. So I dragged my sorry carcass out of bed before the coffee had fully kicked in, and got onto the M4, dry retching on the way.

I really should have stayed in bed.

Apparently, the parking fine I asked Mark to pay in December hadn’t been paid, and my licence was cancelled in January. Which a kindly policeman pointed out to me on the M4 roadside. After telling me I’d have to appear in court in about six weeks time to plead my case in front of a judge.

Since the law don’t know of my bad character (yet), I hopefully won’t get locked up, and I hopefully won’t have a conviction recorded against my name. But there really are days when staying in bed isn’t such a bad option.

I feel stupid really. I should have known that I had no licence, and I should have dealt with it myself instead of keeping my head in the sand. No-one to blame but myself, and no point feeling sorry for myself – but of course, there is a certain amount of that 😉

But in order to distract you from how miserable I am, check out this amazing list of knitting links. Thanks to a very old friend….

8 thoughts on “I should have stayed in bed”

  1. There’s never any point in feeling sorry for oneself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. Besides, go easy on yourself– you’ve had a lot on your mind (and your uterus!) lately.

    A friend of ours recently got a massive speeding ticket & 3 mos suspension of his license. A(nother) mutual friend who works for an MP said something about writing to the transport minister for leniency. I’ll see if I can find out more about that for you if you’re interested.


  2. How big are you going to be in 6 weeks? Wear a “I’m very pregnant so let me off” frock and you should be right.

    How on earth did the cop get you on the M4 anyway? Were they waiting at the Toll booth?


  3. My first thought was like Sally’s …. PARIS HILTON!! A few of my friends have gone to court to plead their case (over speeding fines) and generally, they had to pay the fine and be put on a probationary licence, but they still get to drive. Seeing as yours is only a stupid parking fine, it should be okay (crosses fingers). Anyway, my cop friend said that you just need to front up to court and look like your sorry =)


  4. Glad you enjoyed the V&A knitting site. I didn’t get a chance to check it out too thoroughly — a phenomenon you’ll come to know once Ampersand is ruling your life with an iron fist — but it did look quite promising. I’m sure I’ll knit again one day… maybe once the kids start school.


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