This Sunday

This Sunday is Innominata Concert Day. This concert is “Brilliant Baroque“, and is quite likely to be Mark’s last concert for 2007, since the next concert will be two weeks after Ampersand is due to join us, and it may be a little tricky to get to rehearsals.

I had a sneak preview of the concert on Tuesday night, as I had to bring supper for the rehearsal. For this concert, Innominata are joined by an orchestra, and the music will be quite special. Tickets are about $30, 3pm, Sunday 19 August 2007 Saint Scholastica’s Chapel, Glebe.

Do come – and if you do, come early. I expect this concert will be a sell out.

PS. I knit during the concerts. I know of other knitters who attend, but don’t knit. Feel free to come “out”.

2 thoughts on “This Sunday”

  1. I’ll make an attempt to get there. Not sure if I’ll knit though, the music was so good last time, I’d want to concentrate on that.

    And $30 is good, it won’t send you baroque.



  2. I used to listen to Inominata years ago when my flatmate Elly was a member (and I mean Years) I didn’t realise that Marcus was the musical director – I imagine it’s more fun than being a Stage Manager for the OA – give him a big hello from me and I’m sorry I can’t come.


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