8 thoughts on “Sheesh”

  1. Elvis fucking Christ (can I say that on your blog?)

    Having a kid is the most important thing I’ll ever do? Crap, better hand back the doctorate.

    (All kudos to mothers, etc, but it’s not my path.)


  2. awww-that’s so sweet,
    “plan, dream and fantasise, pamper yourself, six weeks on 90 per cent of their pay, followed by 20 weeks at £100 per week, free dental treatment. At last you’ve got the bosom you’ve always wanted…”

    What planet are these people on?


  3. don’t make any more plans!
    what is the point when you have reached the pinnacle of your life? stuff climbing Everest,curing cancer and feeding the 3rd world – you’ve decorated a nursery!
    (I have had 3 babies and have never decorated a nursery – feeding them and putting a roof over their wee heads seemed so much more important at the time…I suddenly feel so un-fulfilled) and just think…all those long lost rellies and hangers on that you had nothing in common with – you can all be best friends now – because you are parents – hey! thats the answer to world conflict – lets all become parents! oh that’s right…Bush, Blair, Howard…they already are.


  4. If decorating the nursery is the most exciting thing you will ever do, can we schedule some time for it? I will bring the camera.


  5. If decorating a nursery (or any other room for that matter) is the most excting thing I’ll ever do, I think I’d kill MYSELF not SOMEONE.


  6. I would like to add to the list: 51 – Punching that annoying person on the bus/train/shopping centre who thinks that it is appropriate to rub your stomach in public because women pregnant means you no longer have a right to personal space… and getting away with punching them coz it was the hormones playing havoc!!!

    And as for number 18, well I thought that making the baby would have been the most exciting part – those other things are fun, but really!?!?!


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