Howards new Tampa

I’m no expert on Aboriginal Affairs, but I do know that if our mighty leader sent a shitload of police to my place and started taking my beer away, I’d be pretty pissed off.

Please discuss.

And now, on to customer service. Yesterday, I had business to do with the Water Board, and I was really impressed with the standard of service I got on the phone. Apparently, the sewerage diagrams for our new house, and the house next door, are both marked as being the house next door. So the lovely woman on the other end of the phone got to the bottom of it really quickly, and today I expect to get the corrected diagram in the mail.

Thanks Bex!

9 thoughts on “Howards new Tampa”

  1. I’d be bloody slutted if he came here and tried to take the Pinot away

    I sort of understand the reasoning when it comes to the child abuse – however, I would also be pretty slutted if they came to my house wanting to “medically examine” my daughters when there were no allegations – this is votecatching really – catching the votes of all those who still believe that Aboriginal people should be treated like children. Bloody patronising.


  2. It wouldn’t be an election year, would it? Amazing how something that we have known about for decades, but ignored, is suddenly a major priority. Call me a cynic, but this is merely a play for the vote. Won’t work – at least not with me.


  3. It’s also terminally misguided.

    The pension to be spent on food thing? Lucky that there are no foods that can be converted to alcohol, then consumed. (With wild yeast, and without filtering! I’d hand them a beer if the other option was to drink that…)


  4. In the last few days I’ve been asked so many times about this as I’ve actually lived in one of these remote communities that are on Howard’s hit list. I couldn’t believe that whole groups of Australians were living in Third World conditions, and nobody seemed to give a damn. And I’m not convinced this is a change of heart. My cynical self wants to know what the agenda is. When I’ve given it a lot more thought I think I may explore it a bit on my blog, if you don’t think I’m using yours, Lara, for self-promotion.


  5. the whole thing makes me more sad than angry. sad that no one listened for years while this went on and that the only answer howard can give is jack boots. what about the underlying causes – not just alcohol employment education and most of all hope .what has happened to australia , has every one gone to sleep in front of their plasma tvs? now that last bit was angry!


  6. I’m churned up about this stuff. I really am. A friend of mine works for him and is so gung ho for this plan that I almost can’t speak to her about it. Word is they really, honestly believe they are doing the right thing.


  7. It is too close to the stolen generation for my liking, but I agree with Diane – Howard’s excessively belated jack boot response is very suspect what with the looming election and all. Education and empowerment is what is needed not draconian impositions of white culture! It all seems a bit absurd that little Johnny Teflon is so concerned he will send militia and police to ‘help’ people who have been systematically abused, ignored and ripped off by said same when he can’t even bring himself to offer a formal apology to the native owners of this amazing land.

    There. I have had my rant, I tried to post last night but was so angry I couldn’t put a sensible comment together.


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