Make Mine Chocolate

As Easter is coming up, it’s time for me to spread the word about bunnies, and how a bunny is not an appropriate Easter gift. A live animal is hardly ever an appropriate gift, but most people already know that, right?

Though bunnies have a strong link with Easter because of their prodigious powers of reproduction, these powers of reproduction make them difficult people to live with. Once desexed, rabbits make charming companions (I am writing this tucked up in bed with Custard asleep on my chest), but they require as much, if not more work than a dog or cat. Bunnies can be charming, and playful, and affectionate, and obstinate, and many delightful things – but they are not the passive soft toy that you may imagine from popular culture. I can show you the scars.

This Easter, show your admiration for rabbit fertility with chocolate.

And if you prefer our native Bilby (a very appropriate substitution), just make sure you read the label. Some chocolate bilbies are sold by a foundation that claims to protect bilbies in the wild – instead, they fund research into newer and nastier versions of myxo to kill rabbits. I don’t pretend that rabbits haven’t had a terrible effect on our country, but killing them with horrible slow acting viruses isn’t a humane way to deal with a problem that was created by us humans.

3 thoughts on “Make Mine Chocolate”

  1. But they’re so cute!
    But yu’re absolutely right, I had no idea how much work a bunny would be. I thought we were getting a nice quiet little docile thing who would sleep all day. Hasn’t she trained us up now? 😉


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