I took a pass on work this morning, and took Jussi’s advice – got the ferry to Davenport (or is it Devonport?  Sorry) and wandered up the hill to the yarn store.  THe bloody quilting shop is mentioned in the brochure, but the wool shop isn’t.

Lovely proprietor, actually told me that she has active plans to expand her ethical yarn choices, and educate her customers about where the yarns come from, and who suffers to produce them.  Had a quick chat about mulesing, and I thoroughly regret that this lovely shop is so far from home.  But I’ll be back.

Particularly when there is a bookshop down the hill selling Alice Starmore Books.  Yup – a book I have seen on eBay and Amazon (when you can get it) for over $200 US, found in NZ for about $100 Aus.  Don’t bother hurrying to get there, I bought it.

Wandered up the hill from the ferry to a shop I had wanted to check out, only to find that it was a clothing shop, not a Korean stationery shop like I had expected.  And it was full of fur.  Bleugh.

Found a Japanese 100 Yen shop and found some wonderful stuff, then got lost in Borders for an hour.  Didn’t buy anything, but was tempted by Dominitrix.  A pretty ordinary sushi lunch, then a $70 cab ride back to the hotel, then on to the airport.

Sat between a cheerful kiwi and an intense yank on the flight home.  Thank got they were both slim.  NZ is more than its fair proportion of people you don’t want to get sandwiched between on a plane – except the yank had obviously just come from India, and was practising his tantric breathing.  It well put me off my alpaca granny square.

Mark eventually found me at the airport and took me to a new (to us) South Indian restaurant at Harris Park.  Bloody good Masala Dosa, superb Aloo Kulcha, but pretty ordinary Dahl.  Very cheap though.  A bottle of Pikes Polish Hill Riesling contributed to a perfect welcome home.

Custard is still ignoring me, but perfect apart from that.

To bed now, it’s after 11 by my body clock….

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. so glad you got to go to Devonport – and sorry I couldn’t come…too busy “helping people”. I have to go to that shop!
    hope that you have had heaps of sleep and cuddled your family


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