Day 3+4

Day 4 doesn’t bear much of a mention except that I had a very promising start to a business negotiation, and managed to avoid go to the ice bar with the American masters.

Day three was pretty ordinary until 7.10pm, when the lovely Jussi and he glorious daughter whisked me away from the thoracic society for dinner in the real world.

It’s about to be 11pm, and I have an early start, so I can’t do justice to my visit here. Suffice it to say that that Jussi is even more wonderful than everybody says she is (and everybody loves her), her home is lovely, her children are spunky (in a good way), her husband is charming (and a whizz with the barbie), and her cats are divine.

I had a perfect evening, and my sanity was restored (as much as could be hoped). Thank you from the bottom of my heart Justine.

And let’s not even mention the book and the hand dyed baby alpaca. Pictures cannot do it justice in the time fram allowed, but a photographic tribute to the gifts of Jussi and Kate coming ASAP.

One more day of medical insanity, some packing up, maybe a visit to some NZ customers, and back home on wed night. I miss my bunnies. And my husband, of course 😉

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