Silk for Lara ?

I just read about Tussah Silk – silk wound from cocoons after the moth emerges! Apparently there are people producing what they are calling “Peace Silk“, and allowing the moths to live out their natural life cycle.

It’s not vegan of course, but I have been very strongly attracted to Pamela‘s gorgeous Swallowtail, knit in Seasilk. The slinkyness, the shinyness, the colour….

Maybe there might be some silk in my future.

One thought on “Silk for Lara ?”

  1. you can get tussah silk to spin from Virginia farm. It spins like bombyx silk ( the white stuff). I always thought the difference was in the stuff the moth eats (hence the diff coloured fibre) and not the way the silk is produced. Maybe not all Tussah silk is “peace silk”?


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