Knitters at the Opera

P1070477 2

These guys were great.  Garish outfits, do-wop tunes, and a lascivious attitude.  What’s not to love?  They can be seen crawling all over me on Kris’ blog.


There was knitting.


There was more live entertainment.


There was one of the cutest babies in the world (Lee, whose parents Karen and Chris delivered my Christmas present from Mark – more on that later).


There was singing of the national anthem (picture taken from below, I was too crippled to stand up). 


There was even knitting during the national anthem.


And there was Mark.  He’s my favourite.

3 thoughts on “Knitters at the Opera”

  1. That scoundrel Adam. He has no respect for the national anthem 😉

    That’s why I likes him so much.

    Nice pix! It was a fun evening even though we froze. 🙂


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