Opera in the Park

Saturday 27.01.07 is the date for Opera in the Park

The Opera will be Turandodt, the weather will be fine (well, it bloody well better be!), I shall be cooking up a few tasty morsels, and bringing picnic rugs, wine, and of course, knitting.

Joining me will be a selection of Sydney knitting celebrities, including Sally (unofficial convener of the Rubi + Lana’s crowd), and David (podcaster, astronomer, diving instructor, published author, mountaineer, composer, magician, and ex taxi driver).  Please join us!  We’ll be getting in early to nab the best spot, and get some knitting in before the sun goes down and the fat ladies sing.  No, I promise I won’t sing.  Mark might, but only if you ask nicely.

Everyone is welcome (even non knitters), it’s free, and all you need to bring is yourself.  If you want to bring stuff, here is a list of suggestions:

A rug

Sunnies, hat, sunscreen (if arriving early)

Some tasty comestibles

Some wine

Some knitting

A mobile phone for finding us.

We intend to find a spot near the front of the stage, but perhaps off to the Art Gallery side (where I found a great spot last year).  Some indication of numbers would be great (so we can nab a spot of an appropriate size), comment here and I will email you phone numbers for Sally, David, and me.

David is aiming for “lunchtime”, Sally and I should be there by about 2.30pm, and the opera starts at 8 (I think).

Spread the word, cross post, link like it’s going out of style!

PS.  David is not all those things.  I threw in one extra to confuse you, a small Vietnamese souvenir to the first correct guess (no David, you can’t enter).

6 thoughts on “Opera in the Park”

  1. I unfortunately won’t be able to go, although I’d love to ..

    Hopefully we’ll catch up again soon though, your trip sounds like it was wonderful.


  2. I’m guessing diving instructor. And I’m sadly not coming on Sat:-( – not because I’ve seen too many Turandots in my time though. You’re all going to have a lovely knitty time, the weather will be perfect (not too hot, not wet) and there will lots of photos to blog about. Have Fun!


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