I am clever

Ever have a period of negative and nasty thinking, when you started to feel like you couldn’t achieve anything, that you would forget to breathe if it wasn’t an automatic response….

I’ve been like that. Feeling so negative and down on myself that I couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag. But thanks to the miracle of time, spending time with people who think I am ok, and some very lovely and supportive comments on my blog, I have been starting to feel better.

And this morning, I decided I wanted a stat counter on my blog. I’ve recently been surprised to learn that many more people than I expected actually read it. I just assumed that since I only get one or two comments a week, that I must be getting about 3 or 4 visitors a week, or maybe up to ten. But I suspect the number is higher than that. I love comments – it helps me know who is reading, and makes me feel that you care.

So I added a stat counter. I researched it, created an account, copied the code, edited my php, uploaded it, and checked that it was working, all before 9am.