The end of the Glasshouse

“Being an ice addict is like taking the Concorde to New Zealand. The trip is good, but you end up in a bad place.” Dave Hughes

Apologies to Justine – NZ is lovely. I’ve been there. Honest.

We just like to take the piss.

And no-one would believe that you could take the Concorde to Mt Druitt.

So they axed the ABC’s highest rating show. And Our Mighty Leader denies all responsibility. He didn’t axe the show, he just appointed an “independent auditor” who did it for him.

2 thoughts on “The end of the Glasshouse”

  1. Thanks for linking! Hope your trip to Vietnam is great – I went to Hanoi a couple of years ago and really loved it. Oh, and I’m having an endoscopy – see how much we have in common!


  2. no offence taken!
    we take the piss too – it’s a family type thing, if we all didn’t like each other seriously we wouldn’t let you win at the rugby occasionally

    to quote Dave, “I’m angry”
    Howard gave them a brilliant sound byte yesterday, and now they can never use it…it was on the news last night re: the Black hawk tradgedy (which was awful) but he said “I’m sad”
    yes you are Mr Howard…yes you are.


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